January 4, 2016 (week 12)

Baptism of Jeová

Baptism of Jeová

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! But now you guys have to go back to work, or school, I remember that was the worst, so good luck!

One of our investigators said this week, to my companion while I was there, “I think he understands me, but I dont understand a word he says” yikes. I feel like the majority of people can understand me but I guess not everyone. I find it more difficult to listen to people because they talk so so so fast, their grammar is often wrong and so it makes it difficult to peice it together, and they use a lot of words that I dont know. But, when I’m talking, I can usually find a way to say what I want to say using words that, although dont describe perfectly what I want to say, more or less get my point across. It’s still frusterating but I can tell that it is, slowly, coming and that gives me a lot of hope!

Well it seems like every week I find myself laughing over something that really isnt funny. This week we were walking down the street (in a hurry) and someone said, in english, “Hey lads, how ya doing?” I shouldve said something in English to him but I wasnt thinking and just said hi. I honestly dont know why I found this so funny.. I think it’s cause I couldnt figure out if he actually knew a lot of english or not, because lads, in portuguese, is a word that people use a lot but in english it’s kind of weird. Im just going to end this story here because I cant think of any good reason why I was laughing so much because of this.

Yesterday I saw 4 people of one bike…. impressive to say the least. It was just a normal bike to haha I wish I had a picture.

So, Jeová, (in english, Jehovah.. not sure on spelling in english but one of Jesus’ names) asked what my full name was, so I told him and he goes “what! You’re name is Selfie-lahhrence?!” Ive just given up on the name and so I said yes haha. He’s awesome! I dont remember if I have wrote about him before so sorry if I repeat anything. He’s only 8, but he’s like a little adult. We always see him in the street buying things or playing around with this top that he has. I actually feel really bad for him, he has a really really hard family situation but he is so nice and so happy all the time! He is always excited and seems to be unaffected by all the negative things in his life. He has been coming to church for at least since I’ve been here, I dont know how long before that, and he was baptized this week!! (I will send a picture) Im so so happy for him, he loves going to church it has been a great influence for him!

Well that’s all for this week!
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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