December 28, 2015 (week 11)

Elder Lawrence and Lurdes, his 1st baptism

Elder Lawrence and Lurdes, his 1st baptism

The lizard he found in his apartment.. that he thought would eat the bugs.  Yuck!

The lizard he found in his apartment.. that he thought would eat the bugs. Yuck!

Merry (late) Christmas, and a happy new year! I hope you guys all had an awesome Christmas and have fun plans for the new year! Just a reminder, if you respond to one of these emails, remember to reply to me only so the message doesn’t go to other people as well! Also, I realize that there’s no way to unsubscribe from these, so if you are too busy and would like me to take you off the list, let me know! I know everyone is super busy and I wont be offended at all!

Christmas! Christmas was exciting, but definitely a lot different while serving a mission. On Christmas (and mother’s day) we get to skype our families! It was awesome to see and talk to them. I miss them! So we were supposed skype at a members house, but when we got there they werent home or were still asleep. We had no idea what to do. So as we were walking away (in silence) after about 2 minutes my companion says “oh frick” hahah I couldnt stop laughing because he knows almost no english and on our first day together he asked me what “oh frick” meant because he said the american missionaries always say this. It lightened the mood and everything ended up working out better than we could have asked! Although it was actually kind of hard to speak english.. I guess you guys would know better than me, but when I write I feel like it’s still normal, but when I talk it’s hard to say the english words so fast. It’s not like I know so much portuguese that Im forgetting english, because I still dont know a ton of portuguese, but its just that Im so used to speaking in portuguese that Im not used to speaking english and so sometimes portuguese words come out or I cant find the english word, its werid haha

Another funny english thing from my companion. So yesterday neither of us had much food. I had some eggs and some bread and he had none left. So he was saying how hungry he was and then he starts playing music (we are allowed to listen to church music), and I dont know why but he has a lot of music in english. He starts singing along to the song and the first line is “oh my soul hungers” I couldnt help but laugh and when he asked why I asked him if he knew what those words meant and then when he said no I translated them for him. He both had a good laugh out of it.

So early in the week I found a little lizard in our house and I thought Id leave it cause it was cool and I thought it would eat some of the bugs. Well a few days later I found out it wasnt going to be eating any bugs, I’ll send a picture.

On a more important note, Lurdes was baptized this week! I was super excited for her and I will send a picture of her. She has been coming to church for a long time and it is awesome to see her taking steps to follow Christ more closely! She is awesome.

Well that’s all for this week, I hope all is well at home! Stay safe over the new year 🙂
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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