December 7, 2015 (week 8)



Elder Lawrence and Elder Sena

Elder Lawrence and Elder Sena

Hey everyone! I hope you guys all had great weeks! Well first of all (this is mostly for my mom) but sorry I didn’t send any pictures last week! I tried to, but then when I plugged in my camera all the pictures just vanished… it was weird. So I’m a little salty about that cause I actually had some pictures that I wanted, but oh well! This week I’ll try again! But I only have a picture of a picture so the quality isn’t good, and one with my campanion!]

So I’m more or less on a steady diet of mangos, bananas and waffers. The mangos are sooooo cheap here, and sooooo good. Same with the waffers, you can get 20 or so for like 30 cents. Although I should probably cut back on the waffers if I’m honest.

While we were walking in the street this week I saw a kid get nutmegged (kids are always playing soccer in the street) and the reactions of the other kids were the equivilent of a dunk cam, it was awesome and definitely a highlight of that day!

The language is coming.. sllloooooowwwwwly, but surely! I was told the it will come slower than you want it to, but faster than you think it will. I hope that’s true! It’s starting to get a little easier to understand what people are saying, but I’m still lost most of the time. I realized that I usually recognize, or know, most (maybe 70%, could be way off, just a guess) of the words they use, but I just can’t put it all together fast enough to keep up with how fast they talk. So hopefully I get faster at understanding!

Our lessons are going good.. at least I think. The people we teach (usually) seem really interested and like they want to know. But then this week no one came to church! Like what.. if you want to know you have to act! There’s a scripture (don’t know where, sorry! but its a scripture mastery I think) that says we have to do His will if we want to know His doctrine. Knowledge doesn’t come until after we act in faith! Hopefully we will be able to teach a little better this week and help our investsigators.

Some of the sisters from our district were teaching a lady this past week and they invited her to pray to see if the message was true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. (we always invite people to pray about what we teach, because we want them to know it is true because they received and answer from God and not because we know it’s true) and so the lady prays later that night and receives an answer. All good right? Nope, the lady doesn’t want to meet with them anymore because she thinks the sisters are witches because she got an answer. I know I probably shouldnt laugh, but I was dying.
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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