November 18, 2015 (week 5)

Last week in the MTC!! Wow, time has flown by in here. We have all learned so much! I by no means feel like I know enough Portuguese to go to the mission field, but I just have 6 days left till I head off to Fortaleza! I hear that your first while in your area you can’t understand anything, so I am definitely preparing for that. One of the instructors here (a native Brazillian) served in Fortaleza and she said when she first got there she couldn’t understand what people were saying there becuase they speak so quickly and with a thick accent in Fortaleza. Pray for me!

Não falo inglês (I don’t speak english) is my motto for this week! You learn fastest when you are using the language and so this week I decided that I’m not going to use any english, outside of 15 mins a day at the end! It is hard, but I know I am learning a lot because of it. I have so much to learn this week and I hope that this helps a lot! It’s actually kind of weird to speak english at the end of each day. You get used to thinking so hard to try to figure out how to say things that it is werid to just speak freely and at a normal speed, but it is a super nice break at the end of the day.

I want to share one short story from this week that I thought was really cool! So on Sunday we were talking about the priesthood and another missionary shared a story from earlier in the week. So one of his roommates had sprained his ankle really bad and couldn’t walk. His companion actually carried him to his room and laid him in bed. Then the guy sharing the story offered to give him a blessing and the guy with the hurt ankle thought that was a good idea. During the blessing the missionary giving the blessing blessed him that he would heal rapidly. Right after the blessing the missionary with the ankle injury got up and walked! How amazing is that! The spirit was so strong while the story was being told, I know Preisthood power is real!

Well not much else this week. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, I’m sure there is ton. I am already bad at spelling and thinking about Portuguese all the time is definintely not helping! I also realize that for those of you who aren’t Mormon, you might not know what some of the things I talk about are. If you want me to explain anything I would love to, so please ask! I hope all of you have an amazing week! Oh, and this is mainly for my mom, but since I will be leaving for Fortaleza next week it might be two weeks or so until I can email, I’m not really sure.

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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