October 28, 2015 (week 2)

“Pagar O Pre o” Seems crazy to me that I’ve already been here two weeks! I love reading your guy’s emails! Please don’t feel bad if I am not able to respond, I love reading them but don’t always have time to write back cause our time is so limited in the MTC.

I don’t have anything to share really, the days here are so similar, so I thought I would share a little story from this week! So one of our new instructors wrote “Pagar O Pre o” (pay the price) on the board this week then he said “Se voc s querem aprender Portug s, voc s t m que Parar O Pre co” (I’m sure the grammar is wrong on my end) but it means if you want to learn Portuguese, you have to pay the price! So far in the MTC I’ve been really frusterated with Portuguese because I’m bad at speaking and understanding it and I’m learning slower than most other people. I realized that I wasnt really paying the price. We have a lot of time with instructors, but we also have a lot of time without instructors where it can be easy to get off task. So this week I decided to “pay the price”. Now, I definitely could have done a lot better, but I was trying! I learned that even though we have to pay the price, we don t have to pay the full price. I believe that in any worthy endeavour the Lord will not only match but exceed our efforts.

Two days ago, my companion and I were teaching an “investigator” and he told us about a problem he had that. Our lesson that we planned would not have helped at all. So we decided to scrap the lesson and instead share a scripture we remembered and taught him about it. This was a leap of faith for us because neither of us speak Portuguese very well and 20-30 minutes is a long time to teach! But, it went so well 🙂 I’m sure the language was butchered, but we were able to get our points across. And the same thing happened later that day with a different investigator!!!

I know that that Lord will always help us when we try to do our part. So there’s a scripture in first Nephi 21:15 that says “For can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee” When I think about how much mothers love their newborns, it really puts it in perspective for me when the Lord says that there s a better chance that a mother forget her child than he would forget us.

No matter how desperate we are, no matter how frusterated we feel, no matter how alone we think we are, He is always there. Waiting for us to turn to him in prayer. We are never alone.

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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