October 14, 2015

Elder Lawrence, 1st day in the MTC (he's 2nd row, 2nd to the right).

Elder Lawrence, 1st day in the MTC (he’s 2nd row, 2nd to the right).

Hey everyone!!

So I just got to the MTC this morning! The flight took twice as long as forever (left at 3pm and after a 45 minute layover arrived in Sao Paulo at 6am the following morning). So I dont have a ton of time today, so a few quick things! One, the computers in the MTC here are weird… I can’t skip lines or anything so until I get into the mission field (6 weeks) then my emails will be one jumbled mess. So sorry for that. Also I can’t send pictures till I get in the field either.

Ummm so the flight, other than being long, went well! The dinner was good and we even got a brownie (don’t worry mom they werent as good as yours). I met a Brazillian flight attendent on the plane and we talked for a long time about missionary work (he seemed to know a little bit, but wasn’t a member) I think he was fascinated by it. So I decided since I’m a missionary I better start doing missionary things, so I gave him a pass along card with the picture of the Salt Lake Temple and the website mormon.org on the back. He seemed to like it. There was a long shuttle ride to the MTC (maybe an hour?) and Brazillians literally drive motorcycles everywhere. If there’s an open spot of pavement you can bet a motorcycle will wiz past in a couple of seconds. We were in pretty heavy traffic but the motorcycles were flying around us, I have no clue how they don’t crash all the time.

Well, turns out a had a little longer than I thought. All the signs in the MTC are in Portuguese so I’m pretty much lost. The Brazillians here have been singing and speaking Portuguese to us Americans but we have no clue what’s going on. I’m excited to start learning the language so I can at least communicate with them a little bit! Well, I think that’s about all, I might have some more exciting stuff next week since I will have been here a week. Oh, I’m sure there is tons of spelling errors, so sorry for that! I am awful at spelling and there’s no spell check. If anyone has any questions about what it’s like here, I would be happy to answer.

Till next week,
Elder Lawrence


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