November 11, 2015 (week 4)

This week was great! We learn so much here and time just flies by! But at the same time it feels like I´ve been here for ages. It´s super weird. So this week we heard one of our instructors speak full English for 4 or 5 sentences.  It’s hard to describe, but it didn’t even feel real while she was talking. We cherish English when its used because then we can actually understand everything! It’s so hard to understand Portuguese, especially when it is being spoken fast!

So there’s a few short things I want to share this week. I write down stuff as the week goes so I have stuff to talk about, so that’s why my emails jump around quite a bit! First is the bugs here, the MTC does a pretty good job but there’s still tons! One morning during breakfast this big moth flew into this girls oatmeal (an American) and she let out the biggest scream haha all the Brazilians were laughing cause they’re used to it.

Next is a got sick :/ getting sick in the MTC is no fun at all cause you can’t take any breaks so it makes the work a lot harder when you’re not feeling well. But I’m mostly better and all is well! 🙂

Thanks for the emails! I appreciate them and look forward to reading them every Wednesday! It feels like a different world out here and so it is super nice to here what is going on back home!

So I thought you guys might want to know some of the common phrases I use! Probable my favorite is “que isso!?” it basically translates to “what is that” so we always use it when something weird or crazy happens! But Americans also use it for “what are thooooose!?!” (old people that wont make sense to you haha) Another common one is “como se diz…” (how do you say..) and “que significa…” (what does _____ mean) we use those last two all the time since we pretty much never know what is going on here haha.

So in the MTC I think stuff that isn’t actually funny become funny. There’s not much entertainment here, just learning, so we laugh at weird things something! I want to share two funny stories from this week! The first is during a lesson, my companion and I were teaching a pretend investigator and it was actually going pretty good! So my companion is talking and what he is saying is good, and he starts saying “we invite you to..” but then completely blanks! He just has no idea what to say I guess. So he sits there for like 10 seconds then turns to me and says “ajuda-me” meaning “help me” but I couldn’t cause I didnt know what he wanted to say! It ended up being okay but when we told our district they all bust out laughing! I think they know the feeling of giving a lesson and trying to find your words so they thought it was especially funny. The other story was from yesterday! So we are eating lunch and Elder Bain is drinking this grape juice. He says, “I’m just waiting for the day when a missionary spills it all over themself in the cafeteria” He said it jokingly but then at dinner he spilt grape juice all over himself! hahah I think God has a pretty good sense of humor.

Now a more serious thought 🙂 So this past Sunday I decided to commit to trying my hardest. We all work so hard here, and it is exhausting, but I know I could be doing more. Focusing harder, staying on task, speaking more Portuguese, the list goes on. In these two years I’m spending on a mission I really am on the Lord’s time. And I owe him so much more than I can give, but what I can give is my absoulte best! I know he will be happy with me if I give all I can 🙂 When I go to bed at night knowing that specific day I gave my all, I know I dont need to worry about the language and the hard work, because when we give all we can, the Lord will help us with the rest. How lucky are we!

That’s all for this week, I hope all is well with everyone!!
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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